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About Jingo Foundation

Jingo Foundation is a registered Non-profit organisation founded in 2005 and registered under 1950 Mumbai charitable trust act with registration number F/1683/Vadodara by Shri Indubhai Govindbhai Patel. The Foundation is been working since then towards the welfare of underprivileged section of our society.

Our latest project of providing a meal to needy, isolated elderly and disabled has been initiated from the April 2017 under the mission of "FREE FOOD FOR NEEDY". Under this program, we have been providing a free meal to the eligible seniors and disabled people twice a day.

The organisation currently has taken some major responsibility under the leadership of its young group of trustees ( link of trustees profile page). Jingo foundation is known for its ambitious project of providing free packed food to the isolated and neglected elderly of the society. The project does not only ensure quality and healthy food, the medical and paramedical team also is advised to look after health issue if needed in few cases.



Raman Bhai is 80-year-old Dadaji, unmarried and living alone in the city of Vadodara. His financial condition has been the pity. He is been able to manage his day to day by earning around 50 rupees a day from repairing shoes of people on the footpath. He had been so far gathering food from his neighbours, upon the proposal of getting hygienic food from JINGO FOUNDATION, he is now a happy man. With tears in his eyes, he gracefully accepted the proposal and has blessed the trust to serve with many more needy like him.

Packed Meal Isolated
People Supply

Packed Meal Isolated
People Supply

Packed Meal Isolated
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Packed Meal Isolated
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Registration Details of Jingo Foundation

Reg. Under Section 21, Year 1860: Reg.no. Gujarat/2005/vadodara
Reg. Under Public Trust Act 1950 of Mumbai, Reg. No. F/1683/vadodara | Dt. of Reg.: 4/01/2005
80 G Certificate Number: Brd/cit-iii/tech/104-92j/5/04/2009
12 a Certificate Number: Brd/a.a.-iii/12c(110)(123/j)/2007-2008